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Pick n Pay - Closing in my face

No resolution
Jerome filed the complaint
23 July 2021
Good day
i just want to lay a complain against pick n pay east london in retail park today as i approach door security closed door i took out phone and showed him its not yet 18:00 and it was 17:59 i ask him cant quickly grab something he told me its closed i ask him to call manager because i came and you closed as i approached door he told me i must wait but his stand with female security and not sending he to call manager and not knowing i understand xhosa told the lady i wont come in i replied in xhosa please call manager he told me wait he is coming one staff member entered the store from outside and he security told him but could not hear what his saying all i could hear is this staff told him vala vala shienie meaning close close that door with a attitude i then said can you just call the manager because i was standing here for a long time he told me i am the manager not coming to me and ask how can i help but continue saying vala but not know i even know most of management because i am a regular customer there doing my grocery there almost everyday another security come as i stand and chat with this one staff that say his manager and he told me boetie wait by pushing me out of door i then push him back because i look like a criminal now in front of everyone exiting door the manager then came i then told her what happen but i am very angry for the way they treat me and speaking xhosa not knowing i understanding and the security still smiling i then told the manager look at him still smiling not respecting me but he kept smiling at me.i then told manager go check footage what time i came. What i hate they close door as i approached door and told me i wont enter bad attitude and the guy that say he must close the door who do i think i am but claiming to be manager and speaking xhosa not knowing i can speak xhosa. I am really not happy being treated like that at a store i spend my money every day
Incident date: 23 July 2021
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