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Pick n Pay - Claudine hoff bakery

Awaiting reply
Claudine filed the complaint

I chose two packages of Pic n Pay Bakery Brown Pita Bread at Trade Route Pic n Pay. I purchased my items and left the store. When I got home my son observed that one of the pita packages had yellow pita's in them and asked me if it was ok. When I checked them it had green and yellow mold growing on the side of it. I checked the expiry date and it displayed the 10th July which was a week earlier. The other package's sell by date was fine. I was very upset as I didn't notice this before leaving the store. I planned a meal for family with the Pita's, such a waste.

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26 Jul 2021
Claudine added an answer

I have still received a response, please advise urgently???

Claudine is awaiting brand resolution

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