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Pick n Pay - Bad disrespectful service

No resolution
Adele Booyens
Adele Booyens filed the complaint
2 July 2021
I would like to lodge a complaint . I shplopped at the Hypermarket Brackenfell today and cannot believe to bad service, disrespect I receicedfrom especially a lady called Rene. I bought the special of the Elvive shampoo and conditioner. A person can buy any 2 products (400ml) for 110.00. I bought this special yesterday, 1 July. When I got home, I realized I took 2 conditioners, in stead of 1 conditioner and 1 shampoo. I went back to the store this afternoon about 5pm and took only 1 conditioner with to exchange for a shampoo. This lady REFUSED POINT BLANK to exchange it of I don't return both conditioners......I explained to her about 100 times that the item I am returning is exactly the same as the item I left at home, the one I want to keep. She keps om telling me she needs the bar ode on the item at home...the more I explained the barcode is the same as I tem I am returning, the more She refused to assist me. I requested to speak to the manager....didn't get that lady's name. Rene spoke to the manager before ethe manager spoke to me. I tried to explain the same story to the manager, who also refused to exchange the item. They treated me with disrespect and I find this unacceptable. How can you employ staff like this Rene lady? She gives your store a bad reputation and I shopp at the Hypermarket on a daily basis, but can't see myself supporting a store who has staff like this?
Incident date: 2 July 2021
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