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Pick n Pay - Bad customer service

No resolution
Ivy Makhajane
Ivy Makhajane filed the complaint
20 September 2021
Bad service I received from your employee Lerato Martins who refused to service me. I request a.promotional Pie and Energy drink. She told me its not available. I then ask her to remove the promo leaflet since they dont have stock ,and she refused. I then asked for Russian and chips and she further said it unavailable. When I said but here is Russian, she said, then chips are nit ready. I then got upset as she clearly didnt want to serve me. I request to a manager. Nhlanhla Lima who was the store manager at that time. She came and apologized on behalf of what she also saw as uncalled poor service. To my surprise.lerato was not even showing apology or remorse. I then bought coffee and left despide my hunger. My point is service is key irrespective of your area you are working as you dont know who you dealing with. The area is in Tshepisong near informal settlement and people are taken for granted. It iss situated in a filling station with pnp express. And that appalling service, shows who deserve a good service and not. Just disappointed on how people dont value their job and take people for granted. I am highly disappointed and hope this poor service from our black townships will be looked at a and train your staff in maintaining excellent service across the board.
Hope this will be taken in to consideration and trust feedback will be provided as pnp is one of my preferred grocery shop.
Incident date: 18 September 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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