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Pick n Pay - Bad service

Celeste Ross
Celeste Ross filed the complaint
1 July 2021
We went to the family store to get our monthly things on 30 June 2021, when we got to the till the potatoes were rotten and we requested for a new bag waited quite long and decided to go to the ATM inside the store and left. Only to realise when we got home we didn’t get the potatoes from the Cashier Keamohetso Mahlaba. We phoned the store the next day 01 July 2021 to inform them about the potatoes we forgot we have the slip and spoke to the manager who ignored us when we asked what her name was, she was not helpful at all because she kept on saying they don’t have a cashier with the name of Keamohetso and spoke loudly on the phone with other people with us on the line the call wasn’t even put on hold “not even please hold let me find out if she’s on duty nothing” which we feel it’s unprofessional she didn’t try to help us at all – we have a recording of how she just brushes off the call and not trying to assist us in that matter. She mentioned a recording wasn’t made in the book that we forgot the potatoes, so who’s responsible for this now?

We will try to go to the store over the weekend to see if we can get our potatoes, but we are very unhappy with the service we received via the phone. We don’t have her name as we asked her twice and she just dropped the call without asking if there is anything else we can assist you with.
Incident date: 1 July 2021
Celeste Ross
Celeste Ross rated the brand
16 July 2021


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