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PEP - Very very disgusted

No resolution
Bianca filed the complaint
9 December 2021
To whom it may concern, I bought a cellphone at pepcellular the 1/12/2021 I do not have a job and had to walk far to the store. The cell phone does not charge and then it does.
I went there today to exchange and ask for my money back and got the rudest person that helped me if I can call it help, best of all it was the manager of the store. What upset me even more was that I am a (white lady) and she did not wear her mask while trying to get my money back I was ignored and 2 (black gentle men traffic cops walked in) she started talking in her language and assisted them and acted like I was not even there and immediately put her mask on!!!??????
Being at the store for 2 hours she told me she would get security to remove me because I didn’t get the right education because I cant read that I says 7 days, I asked her to show me on the slip where t showed 7 days and she could not, but as far as I know saying that to a customer is very nasty and out of line. I could not wait longer and called her as she stayed in the back office ignoring me and she refused to help me at all just took my slip and the phone and kept it with her. So now please tell me is this what pep does takes my money and the cell phone and what I just donate r600?????? And walk out with nothing. I am gong to complain on hello peter and I will take this further.

How do you refuse to refund me on a brand new cell phone and then keep it in the back office and ignore me or be rude as I stood there for 2 hours.

Incident date: 8 December 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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