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PEP - Poor customer services

No resolution
Boitshoko lesley
Boitshoko lesley filed the complaint
9 September 2023
Respected Sir/Madam,

I'm writing this to complain about Japhney who is working at one of your store in kimberley [PEP HOME Shop 5573] situated in NEW PARK.  This happened when I visited your store yesterday 08-09-23 around 12:00.

On the 06-09-2023 I bought NOKIA 105 4G DUAL Sim Cellphone and Vodacom Sim card. I was assisted by two sales ladies which one of them was Daphney. I told them that I need a phone which can take two sim card and they explained to me that I will be able to use Vodacom only on Sim 1 because the network is LOCKED. then on Sim 2 I can use any network.  When I get home I realized that Both SIM 1 and SIM 2 takes Vodacom only. I went back to the store on the 08-09-2023 to ask for an exchange or any foune which can atleast allows me to use Vodacom and other network. I met the lady called Japhney and as soon as I said I'm here for an exchange. She shouted on me and said she's not going to do it and whoever assisted me will have to deal with that issue because she's not going to authorise that. I then called the lady who assisted me. The lady who assisted me confessed to this lady that yes, She explained to me that SIM 2 will use any network and apologised that she did a mistake by telling me that. My witness is ZINZI shes dark and shot and works for your store. I was hurt and dissapointed by how the lady treated me infront of my collegues and her colleagues with the store full of customers inside. She refused to give me her Manager's number or Area Manager. I suspected she's either an Assistant Manager Or she is an Area Manager because everyone did not call her into order and it seems like all people who work there are afraid of her. I couldn't take it anymore and left the store. That's when i dialed Customer Complaints number and met the lady called Uhlalo and explained everything to her. Immediately after hearing my story she said I should go back to the store and give JAPHNEY a phone she will tell her to exchange the phone for me because 7 days is not passed yet. I went back to the store and called the customer complain lady (Uhlalo) . That rude lady spoke to Uhlalo for 1 minutes and her phone ringed and she said uhlalo should hold on. She answered her private phone while uhlalo is still on the line. I spoke to her that she needs to talk to the lady because it's my second time at their store but she choose to ignore me and still continue with her private call while im standing there like a puppet. Because I was still on duty I had to drive back to my work place as I couldn't wait any longer.

I'm dissapointed on how that lady treated me. She ruined my day and now I'm sitting here without a phone due to her behavior. I'm not a person who complains but this really cut me. I myself used to work at the retail store and I know how one should treat a customer. We all have a bad day to work but this is unacceptable. For a person to shout at me like I want a refund is something that I won't tolerate.  I no longer want to be served at that store. I only want my money back in Peace. I mo longer want to ever see that women in my life. I will rather go buy somewhere else I'm done with that store. My collegue Victor: 0833968200 was present the time I was humiliated by that women. And Zinzi who also works there can testify that Daphne who assisted me explained to that women that she sold the phone to me by saying SIM2 can take any network.

My Number is: 061 406 9958

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Incident date: 9 September 2023
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