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Pep Stores - Poor customer service,liers and following business protocol or policy

No resolution
Nokubonga Amile Ntetha
Nokubonga Ntetha filed the complaint
14 February 2022
Courie refused to take My parcel number D631002873877 because it was over packed But I was Not notified of that until I started tracing it .I sent a parcel from PAXI :) Parcel D**********77 dropped off at P6507 PEP DBN DR Yusuf dandoo after 14 days of Not receiving any notification of parcel pick up from the store I trace the parcel by calling call center on the 12th February 09H16 I've spoke to the agent who confirmed my parcel it still within the store,she will call to find out for me.she told Me the store said "parcel was over packed , courier refused to take it's" I asked her Why I was not told because Teller double check ✔️ if it's sealed ,no poles or wholes no damages etc only now you're are telling me that's courier refused to take sealed parcel because it over packed,she call again the store and came back saying parcel was damage By who? Me or the store as I left my parcel all in order Why I was not advise if it my fault then..she confess that "The Store was supposed to call Us the day courier left the parcel then us call you to inform you " But the store didn't call Us you need to come and pick up you'r parcel ,I told her I am in Capetown now I can't go to durban for something that's but not my negligence or my fault if the store followed The correct protocol or procedure I would have attended that's while I was still in durban Now I am being told different stories of which I don't believe non of them since you already confirmed that the store didn't contact Paxi as per policy how could I believe that My parcel was damage By me because I left it's in Good condition Even if they can view cameras for the Day my parcel was not damage if Store teller's do as they're please with our parcel I am liable for that? All I need it's my parcel to reach Capetown I can't pay double the amount for people who are pushing sales with our hard work one Will collect the parcel in durban on My behalf unfortunately there's no One who can do that in durban if I was notified in time I would make means Now I am no longer in durban.
Incident date: 14 February 2022
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