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Pep Stores - Laybyes

No resolution
Ntombifikile filed the complaint
6 December 2021
Good afternoon I have been a full time customer to PEP which I only use to buy for my 5 kids , winter and summer time. Previously I was staying in krugersdorp and I never encountered such disappointment of a missing or not found laybyes. I have a laybyes that I must go and pay it off so due to what happened in June waiting for 3 hours to get the laybyes which it was not found. I have just called them to avoid the same thing tomorrow when I go there. Samuel the guy whom I spoke to he said the laybyes the system takes them off which is not Ackermans they call you before they take off the laybyes. I fail to understand because past 16or more years doing laybyes. I even recommend PEP for anyone close to me. If I dont get it tomorrow I will not be happy about it.
Incident date: 6 December 2021
Ntombifikile rated the brand
14 February 2022

I love the brand for sure best and beautiful brand for my whole family ❤️

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