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Pep Stores - Exchange of a night fitted sheet

No resolution
Kuhle filed the complaint
24 July 2021
Good day. Today I went to Cala Pep store to exchange a queen bed night fitted sheet that I bought 2 days ago and the reason is that, although the cover displayed shows that the sheet inside is for a queen bed, the actual sheet inserted inside was for a single bed. When I was in store I was assisted by Pamella who had a very bad attitude. At first she shouted me about the way I opened the plastic and I told her to take the one that they will give me after the exchange. She was not willing to assist me until 0ne of her colleagues said she knows the sheet as it was returned by another customer with a similar problem as mine but she does not know how it went back to the isles in order to be sold again. Then I was told to go and take another one, I did and went back to Pamella and now the price was up of which I know that prices change every time but I am the one who was inconvenienced here and now I must pay more for their inconvenience. I asked Pamella and she was so moody and rude, she told me its not her fault, I asked her how come cause I beleive she is working for Pep! She then told me that they don't make sheets they receive them and sell them. By this time I was so furious only because of her attitude, I did not mind paying more I only needed a clear explanation and a little respect. She called Fezeka for an override and I asked where can I complain she pointed at Fezeka, who was in front of me and said she is a manager, but even Fezeka was not interested although she heard that I had a complaint she just did what she came for, didn't even look at me and disappeared. The way I was attended to, I noticed that maybe being rude to all their customers is the way they do things because even the manager did not seem to care so why log a complaint to such a person. I am so disappointed with their attitude and their way of speaking with customers because I have a reason to believe I am not the first one .
Incident date: 24 July 2021
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