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Pep Stores - Cellphone warranty

No resolution
Zinzi Khumalo
Zinzi Khumalo filed the complaint
23 May 2022
I purchased a Samsung A2 core at your Pep Home store in Fourways Mall December of 2021 last year.
2 weeks ago the phone stoped charging I returned it back as it's still under warranty I then now today get an SMS that the phone has been booked for repairs and I need to accept or decline a quote from Vodacom fourways.
I called and found out I need to pay for access upon fixed of a screen.
I never booked that phone for a screen repair so it was working fine it just stopped charging.
I want my refund back if these phone is not under the 24 months warranty .
I am told by Vodacom I dont have in insurance.
I want my refund before I take this matter up with the ombudsman
Incident date: 23 May 2022
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