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Pep Stores - Bad attendance

No resolution
Mufaro filed the complaint
30 May 2022
I lost my PEP account card, went to PEP close to FNB braamfontein Jorissen street and they politely and sincerely asked me to go to Ackermans to get a number to call to block the card. I acquired the number and called them. They advised me to provide a 3 month bank statement and a copy of my ID to any pep store so l get a replacement.

I got the statement and the copy of my ID, went to PEP store close to Pick and pay in Braamfontein Jorissen street. The one who attended to me was Ivy Mamongalo. I explained to her explicitly what happened for me to get to her and told her i was advised to bring the requested documents tany PEP store. She took the documents got on her computer and went to the card replacement page, got a new card and started entering the new card details which were rejected. She did this twice and told me no, you must go online and request for a replacement. I was puzzled, l don’t know what goes on when replacing a card, so l asked her about the documents l have her, what’s the purpose of bringing these documents here then? She became rude and told me to go online and send them there. I suggested that she calls the number I called so they can clarify this misunderstanding as l am not willing to go back and forth with this and become middle man, she refused and told me to go online. I asked her to ask her colleagues about it and she still refused. I told her I will call them instead! So l called them and the lady said no you must hand the documents to the pep store person, I told her she is not assisting me but insist I do the online thing so l asked her to speak to IVY and when they did it was now her word against mine, it was uncomfortable, she was rude speaking on top of her voice and making everyone uncomfortable. She was rude to the person on the phone.

After the call, l queued again, she then took my papers that included my SA ID and bank statements..then asked for a passport not a SA ID, now I was paying attention to what she was doing. I handed her my SAID book, She chooses passport instead of Document ID, she scans the ID and it was rejected, twice. I told her hey that not a passport but ID, she ignored me. She went on to do that passport and it was rejected, she tells me my passport will not work on her system, I tell her, hey chose the options document ID, she does so and she still looks at me and says it won’t make a difference because the system won’t take my details.. calmly l tell her “try, just try”. She scans my ID to the document ID and it takes in my details, she goes on to take my number etc.. after that l left angry, unconvinced and unsatisfied with her services!

It was the most rude services l have gotten so far from a retail store. Please may you advice al your service providers, especially Ivy , on customer care regarding when replacing anything.

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Incident date: 30 May 2022
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