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PAXI - Unethical and unprofessional service

No resolution
Nellie Govender
Nellie Govender filed the complaint
15 May 2022
PAXI :( We regret to inform you that your parcel was affected by the recent floods in Durban. Our team will be in touch with the SENDER to process the claim.
Complaint as the receiver.
am querying Parcel no D531011818865 it was damaged during the floods. The parcel was sent to me Pep Chatsworth code 6230. I have the following questions.
1. I am the receiver of this parcel.
2. I paid the sender R210 which I can furnish proof since the value of the goods was R150 and R60 paxi Total R210. The payment was made to the sender via.     

3. Sender made a claim and was paid R600 as per information received from paxi.
When I made a telephonic enquiry with paxi.
4. I was contacted today 14 May  by sender who wishes to refund me R260.
5. She states she was refunded.
6. At least she was contacted. But paxi did not send me a sms like they normally do. Furthermore, refunding the sender does not protect the receiver since many senders can pocket the money.
Shouldn't paxi engage the receiver in the process of a refund by ensuring that they show proof of purchase.
Nothing was done. I have 3 parcels that are damaged.

D631003568740 also damaged. Value of goods R200 add paxi R100 total paid R300. Proof of EFT also available

3.D531011716796 third Parcel damaged.
Value was R100 add paxi R60 total R160.

The dilemma I as a receiver I am not informed.
Even if the sender is refunded and chooses not to refund the receiver what protection is offered to the receiver. Why is the receiver not requested to provide proof of payment. A courier service is a 2way communication.
The ffg sms is sent both to sender and receiver.
1. When sender sends a parcel thru paxi. Paxi informs receiver
2. When Parcel arrives at destination. Sms sent to both sender and receiver
3.when receiver doesn't pick up Parcel. Sms sent to receiver and sender.
4.when receiver picks up Parcel sender and receiver receives sms
5.when Parcel is lost or damaged sender and receiver gets sms.
6.No communication to receiver.
7.Receiver has to repeatedly phone paxi and there's no response as to what is happening the case of purchased goods the receiver does not even know whether the sender has received the refund.
9.Suddenly the paxi website for the parcel in question is closed.
10. Still no communication from paxi.

Furthermore your website is not very user friendly in allowing communication.

Please look into this as I believe fraud can be avoided if before the sender inserts a value of the package, proof of purchase as payment received for goods purchased.

The above is only in the case of goods purchased.
Incident date: 15 May 2022
Nellie Govender
16 May 2022
I just received the fax from the sender that she has paid R210 for parcel no
D531011818865. But she was reimbursed the maximum of R500. I had to correct her and state that the amount I paid was R210 and not R260 since I am an ethical person and would not capitalize on another person. Again documentation is available.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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