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PAXI - Paxi parcel opened on collection items missing

Awaiting reply
ANITA MABINDISA filed the complaint

The above mentioned bag was collected at the store on Thursday; Parcel arrived on Tuesday 04/05/22 along with other bags. Upon collection the bag it was open the cashier handed it to me assuring that nothing has been removed. That I could not confirm on the spot as I was not sure of the exact contents in the package I needed to confirm that with the sender.

While unpacking I noticed that my blue and white Jordan takkies size 4, White fur track pants (M), Grey Track top (S) were removed from the bag including my passport. A whole blue plastic that was in the pack was removed from the bag .Those are the noticeable items at this point that I confirm missing items there could be more. The Store confirmed that they do not sign for opened bags on delivery; however, the bag was opened when I collected it and it was not logged as an open bag. This bag arrived on Tuesday I had to wait for my other bags before collecting everything. If the parcel was received as it was sent who opened the pack then coz when I collected it – it was open.

I have reported the incident with Paxi support yet no acknowledgement of the complaint nor have i received a resolution
ANITA MABINDISA is awaiting for brand response

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