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PAXI - Parcel no delivery

No resolution
Eve filed the complaint
18 May 2022 (edited on23 May 2022)
A parcel was sent for me from Nelspruit using PAXI on the 4th of May (7 to 9 days delivery option) it is now the 21st May and nobody at Paxi customer care can give me an answer. I was treated UNBELIEVABLY BADLY by Nosphiwe on PAXI Whatsapp. She flatly refused to engage with me, and eventually I closed our communication, because she was trying to be clever.(I have screen grabs of the conversation) I would like to know where my parcel is and why am I been treated this badly by Pep PAXI. Management at PEP in my town are just as clueless as to why my parcel is so badly overdue. HOWWWW???
Incident date: 18 May 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

My complaint has been resolved, Thank you PAXI