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PAXI - Delayed delivery

No resolution
Int Designers Brands
Int Brands filed the complaint
7 July 2022
I sent a parcel (D511002137582) to store no P4465 and few days later I realised that the pep consultant who helped me punched in P4464 instead of P4465. I asked them to reroute it to the correct store code they said ok, only to find out that my parcel was not rerouted and it arrived at the wrong store at P4464 on the 3rd march 2022. I waited for 14 days to be up so they can send it back to the sender. 1 month passed and my parcel was still at the same store, I called their customer service, I used their WhatsApp number, I even sent an email to the store where the parcel is and nothing has been done about my parcel. Today is the 7th July and my parcel is still showing that its awaiting for courier pick up. I call them literally everyday to ask them to send the parcel back and untill now nothing has been done. Its been 4 months now and I'm still waiting for my parcel from paxi. What a pathetic service and their agent are very useless.
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Incident date: 7 July 2022
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