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NSFAS - Unfair discrimination on unproven basis

No resolution
Aphelele filed the complaint
19 March 2024
I have been a hopeful applicant for your financial aid program since 2019, when I was accepted with my mother listed as the guardian. However, the handling of my applications in recent years has left me bewildered and deeply dissatisfied with the process.

In 2023, I applied once again for financial assistance, only to be met with a series of inconsistent and dubious reasons for rejection. Firstly, I was informed that I did not meet the academic eligibility criteria, despite having met them in previous years when I was successfully granted funding. Following that I get an email from NSFAS stating that my appeal is closed because the University failed to submit registration data. Where as this was not requested or communicated to anyone.

Furthermore, the explanation provided for my rejection in 2024 citing my mother's financial capacity as the reason for my ineligibility is both baseless and discriminatory. My mother's financial circumstances have remained consistent throughout the years, and it is perplexing that they are suddenly deemed too substantial to warrant financial aid.

Additionally, the assertion that I have exceeded the NSFAS N+1 rule is erroneous. I have been funded for a total of 3 years out of the four-year period, leaving me well within the stipulated guidelines. It is concerning that such discrepancies are being used as grounds for refusal without proper clarification or justification.

I am deeply disheartened by the lack of transparency and accountability in the handling of my applications. If NSFAS has decided not to grant me financial aid, I urge you to communicate this directly and unequivocally, rather than providing arbitrary and inconsistent reasons for my rejection.
Incident date: 19 March 2024
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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