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NSFAS - Requested a statement of the money allocated and only recieved a tabulated form of my requested today

No resolution
Shanice filed the complaint
31 March 2022
When I was studying education I was awarded the Funza Lushaka busary in full for 2015, 2016 and 2017 - my parents paid for the year 2014. I graduated in 2018. Last week I received an sms from Nsfas stating that they are going to hand over my account to NICS for collections. When I called the offices to get more information on this matter, because I have never taken out a student loan with Nsfas, they told me I am owing a student loan to Nsfas of over R73 000. Last week Thursday I requested a statement of the money allocated and only recieved a tabulated form of my requested today. I asked to speak to the supervisor because the lady that was assisting me requested me to provide evidence of not having signed for a student loan with nsfas. The supervisor was unavailable and in a meeting. How can I provide evidence of not signing for a loan? I requested for a statement and was provided with an incomplete table. I have been given the run around and no one can provide me with the proper documentation. I'm not going to pay over R73 000 for a student loan that I didn't apply for and why would I have applied for a student loan when I had a full busary? The lady that was assisting me telephonically is Lucy Sibanyoni with the contact details of: 0124325000 and email address [email protected]. Can I please be assisted. Thank you
Incident date: 31 March 2022
Shanice rated the brand
16 July 2022

The matter is still unresolved. Nsfas has failed to respond to any of the emails that I sent out to them. They are continuing to send me sms' stating that I make a payment.

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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