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NSFAS - Paid another institution

No resolution
Lekhotla La Matela
Lekhotla Matela filed the complaint
14 February 2022
My nephew applied for enrolment at Vaal university of technology and Tshwane university of technology also applied for Nsfas online in 2020. During 2021 he went to register at Tut, learnt late 2021 that his Nsfas account is wit Vut and it settled the outstanding fee of the institution that he didn't register at and the reason we were given was he did not deregister at Vut. The child is doing well academically now he cannot continue with his studies because he owes Tut fees and Nsfas rejected his application saying he did not meet the minimum requirements.
Incident date: 14 February 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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