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NSFAS - .nsfas please open my wallet account

No resolution
MN MATLOA filed the complaint
27 September 2021
I have been funded by the nsfas but up until today I have not recieved any allowance yet I have been constantly recieving messages about my wallet account so that I can activate it but when I try to activate my account on my cellphone number it tells me my account is closed yet on my nsfas student portal it says I've recieved my allowance and it's been happening for the past 8 months and I'm even writing my exams yet I do not even have money for books or study materials nor even a place to stay or food to eat and I have tried by all means to get help but I have never been helped nor assisted up until today ....nsfas is really taking a toll on my studies shem ....people are recieving their allowances already yet mine are being withheld from me without any valid reason ... I so wish I could drop out because I do not even have a place to stay but the bursary that is supposed to provide for me is taking away my future
Incident date: 1 January 2021
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