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NSFAS - Nsfas defunding without giving reason

No resolution
Muhammed filed the complaint
7 October 2023
Good day.

I am writing to draw your attention to a pressing issue related to my funding by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and the repercussions it has on both my education and my family's well-being.

For the past two and a half years, I have relied on NSFAS for financial support to pursue my higher education. However, I now find myself in a deeply distressing situation as NSFAS has abruptly terminated my funding due to a lack of certain documents. This decision has left me in a precarious financial position, which not only affects my academic journey but also disrupts my ability to provide support to my family.

It is crucial to clarify that the allowances provided by NSFAS were not intended for supporting my family; rather, they were earmarked for my educational expenses. Nonetheless, with the sudden cessation of funding, I am now faced with the difficult choice of reallocating the money that was previously used to support my family to cover my university fees, travel expenses, and other costs associated with studying ( books, stationary, device maintenance )

What exacerbates this situation is the fact that, right from the commencement of my association with NSFAS, I consistently requested the necessary documentation and information required to formalize my funding. Regrettably, my pleas for clarification and guidance went largely unanswered, and I was never provided with the appropriate paperwork to establish a clear and legitimate funding arrangement. It is perplexing that, after two and a half years of my academic journey, this issue is now being used as a reason to revoke my funding.

This issue extends beyond my individual circumstances and highlights a systemic problem that impacts numerous students across the country. While NSFAS undoubtedly plays a critical role in assisting students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, its current approach seems to be causing more harm than good.
The consequences of NSFAS's actions are far-reaching and affect not only my education but also my ability to support my family adequately. The stress and anxiety created by the uncertainty of funding, coupled with the unreliable communication and response rates from NSFAS staff, have a detrimental effect on my ability to focus on my studies.

I earnestly request your intervention to address this matter, not just for my benefit but for the many other students who may be silently enduring similar challenges due to NSFAS's shortcomings. It is my sincere hope that you can help rectify this situation so that I can continue my education without undue hardship, while also maintaining my ability to support my family.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and eagerly await a resolution that allows me to focus on my studies and maintain the stability of my family's financial situation.

This will be my final email. From here, if I am not assisted properly, I will take this matter further and make it known to the public eye. Thank you.

Attached below is a PDF of all communications between NSFAS employees and myself regarding my funding and documents.
Incident date: 7 October 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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