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NSFAS - Nsfas 2021 funding

No resolution
Aneshka filed the complaint
26 January 2021
I have applied for NSFAS funding for 2021 in August 2020. My status on my NSFAS profile is UNSUCCESSFUL due to income being above R350 000, according to them. The only income we have is my mom's (single mom) income. NSFAS does not reply to emails nor do they answer their phones at the call centre. I am a 3rd year Chem. Eng. Student at US. I have made student loans and my mom assisted with bank overdrafts and is indebted. Who does NSFAS fund then....

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) aims at providing financial aid to students from poor and working class families in order to promote access to, and success in, higher and further education and training, in pursuit of South Africa's national and human resource development goals.

NSFAS exists to provide financial aid to qualifying students at public TVET colleges and universities.
NSFAS identifies eligible students to provide bursaries.
NSFAS supports access to, and success in, higher education and training for students from poor and working class families who would otherwise not be able to afford to study.
Incident date: 26 January 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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