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NSFAS - Not coded

No resolution
Samukelisiwe Zulu
Samukelisiwe Zulu filed the complaint
23 April 2021
I had a dual registration query which I was not aware of last year which I advised NSFAS about and I was advised to send proof of registration for the correct institution on the 7th of June last year to dualreg department and I did. They still paid UNISA instead of DUT and as a result they have not paid the correct institution and I have not been coded to receive funding for this year either, despite logging another query 6 weeks ago. The worse part is, no one knows what to do to assist me and all I'm advised to do is wait, but I have been waiting since last year when I sent proof of registration for the correct institution which is DUT.
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Incident date: 23 April 2021
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