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NSFAS - Incorrect information for disqualification

No resolution
Bonisile Tlou
Bonisile Tlou filed the complaint
13 January 2022
I want to send my complaint regarding NSFAS. My child applied for NSFAS last year in 2021 and she qualified for it, however she didn't study as she didn't get a space in the University of Johannesburg. She re-applied again for this year 2022 but NSFAS declined the application as they said there's a household monthly income of above R350 000. I need to understand who is receiving that income because I have been unemployed since 2017. We are barely surviving. Please assist by seeing through to it that my child gets this educational funding. She was one of the top students in the province that received government awards but never got any funding from the government to pursue her career.

I am unemployed so I don't have a household income of R350 000. I do not have any income at all.

Please see to it that this mistake is being rectified soon so that my child can go to university.
Incident date: 12 January 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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