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NSFAS - has failed me several times

No resolution
Anele filed the complaint
18 October 2020
My name is Anele Mthethwa

I am writing this complaint with sad emotions as I think NSFAS is FAILING me as a south African, I think I am very elegible to receive NSFAS like any other south African who are unable to fund themselves in their school fees, I applied for NSFAS 2015 I understood that I didn't received it because I failed some of the subjects,  2018 I applied again I was declined NSFAS claiming that I am getting more than 122k annually of which that is false, I applied again 2019 still the same, I wouldn't apply for NSFAS if I know I received such amount annually I am not even working I provide NSFAS with all documents they wanted, I went to my institution in Vaal they helped I got NSFAS from January till April,  since then NSFAS has stopped I am not receiving money from them, I have no idea why NSFAS has stopped,  I would like to get an assistance in this regards, because as a student in south Africa I wish to graduate and get my certificate if I finish my diploma so that I can get proper job,  NSFAS has tortured me in many possible ways I am not happy in the way NSFAS is treating me, I feel like I don't belong in this country I am asking for assistance like any other students in this country I am doing 2nd year this year next year will be my final year I am really worried I wont be able to graduate, can someone please pay attention in my case.


Anele Mthethwa
Incident date: 18 October 2020
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