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NSFAS - Funding appeal

Jacques Basson
Jacques Basson filed the complaint
16 March 2022
I sent an email to the appeals review address before the appeals window opened. When appeals window opened, my portal was automatically updated and I did not have the option to submit appeal as it appeared NSFAS automatically submitted the appeal received via appeals review I sent before appeals window. As a result, my application unsuccessful because of "incomplete documents", again. I filled the NSFAS/SASSA form and had it signed and stamped by commissioner of oath in the first week of appeal window, but the myNSFAS portal did not give me the option to upload. I wanted to cancel the application on the portal and resubmit, using the SASSA/NSFAS document, but I was too scared the system would reject a resubmission if I had done so. NSFAS also did not specify via email or on my portal which exact documents were still outstanding. I was left guessing and searching online for documents relevant to NSFAS funding and just submit.

NSFAS never communicated any info to me via email about the outstanding documents or to provide guidance in both the application and the appeals process.
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Incident date: 11 March 2022
Jacques Basson
17 March 2022
I thank complaintsbook for forwarding my complaint to NSFAS. I submitted the complaint one day ago. Today, my status on myNSFAS is back at the validation stage. It truly feels like a miracle has happened to me. I thank God for the blessings he gives me on a daily basis.

Thank you GOD, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Thank you @Complaints Book
Jacques Basson
Jacques Basson rated the brand
17 March 2022

I liked complaintsbook, but now I love it!!

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