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NSFAS - Delayed response regarding a request

Esona Ziphathe
Esona Ziphathe filed the complaint
31 August 2021
Good morning.

In 2020 i wrote multiple emails including calling at your call centre about requesting a change in communication details such as my email and phone number since I'm more longer using them.

Moreover this year I did the same but there is no response.I did call at your call centre but woman assistant said"you must wait until you get the response, request again " I did as she sayed but the is no response.

In conclusion since you have developed that simple way for us as applicants to regain access on our mynsfas account ,I have been waiting for about three weeks and seven day.still the is no change I don't receive any responses regarding my requests.
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Incident date: 31 August 2021
This complaint was considered resolved.
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