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NSFAS - Application pending after 8 month post-submission and messages are ignored and cases deleted

No resolution
Zukisa Bikitsha
Zukisa Bikitsha filed the complaint
14 October 2020
I applied for NSFAS funding for 2020 and submitted all required information. After a while, to allow NSFAS to process my application, I followed-up. To date, I have not received an outcome of my application, running the risk of being financially blocked from studying next year/2021, or not getting my results this year. Three cases that I opened, dating back to April/May, via the online portal, myConnect, were deleted.

Responses to the other were only automated ones, with no follow-up responses, same as on the NSFAS page. Only automated responses, where I'd be asked to inbox my ID number, which I'd promptly do. Nothing happens thereafter. My application has been stagnant, stuck in the same step, for over 3 months now and NSFAS is aware but choose to ignore my messages and active cases.

I need help regarding how to take the matter up to the right eyes and ears where it will get the attention it deserves, with the ultimate outcome being the outcome of application.

NB: I applied for a digital device/laptop, which is given to NSFAS-funded students to do their academic work, and I already received it. Might odd then that an application sent in way earlier has still not been processed completely, whereas my "laptop loan" was processed in July.
Incident date: 14 October 2020
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