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NSFAS - Application on evaluation since november 2021

No resolution
Keagan Rezant
Keagan Rezant filed the complaint
19 January 2022
I applied to Nsfas the day the applications opened 02/11/2021. I have already been accepted by the institution which I will be studying at. My application status at Nsfas has been stuck on evaluation ever since November 2021. My concern is that registrations at the institution starts from next week 24/01/2022 and I havent received any feedback from Nsfas as yet. Other applicants have applied 4 days ago and have already been approved. I have tried calling Nsfas and have sent 2 emails to date and also a facebook inbox message but no response. Can someone please assist as I do not have the funds to pay a registration fee at the institution and need to know the way forward.
Incident date: 2 November 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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