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NSFAS - Application for funding not handled correctly

No resolution
Megan Muller
Megan Muller filed the complaint
19 March 2024
My daughter applied for funding. We submitted everything requested. The sight didnt allow me to add payslips or anything, only the tax form. They then rejected the application reason was earning over the thresh hold. We then appealed and again it only allowed me to submit my payslip , no other supporting documents.. Now it rejects us again with a different reason saying unverified parent which is ridiculous as my name is on her birth certificate.
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Incident date: 19 March 2024
Megan Muller
Megan Muller rated the brand
10 May 2024

Didn't even respond.

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

This is exactly the same incident that happened to me. Very poor administrative competency, yet this is the institution that is at the forefront of changing the economic landscape of the country by educating the youth.