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NSFAS - Allowance issue

No resolution
Ismail Koya
Ismail Koya filed the complaint
4 April 2022
I applied for NSFAS funding for 2021 academic year when second chance applications reopened in September 2021. I was approved for NSFAS funding for 2021 academic year however my tuition fees and my application were only processed in March 2022 therefore I did not receive any allowances for 2021 academic year to which I am entitled to. As per my fees statement there is a credit balance which relates to my allowances. However, the university refuses to release those allowances stating that 2021 allowances cannot be paid in 2022 academic year. When I communicated with NSFAS they just told me that once the money has been handed over to the university, NSFAS cannot do anything about it. Also I would like to know as to why my 2022 tuition fees have been paid when my application only relates to 2021 academic year. If the non-payment of my allowances is due to this, NSFAS can reverse this years 2022 fees paid as I currently have another bursary which will pay my tuition fees as long as I can rightfully receive my 2021 allowances.
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Incident date: 1 March 2022
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