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NSFAS - 020817 5336 089 NDJM Moshidi Mamelodi TNC (NSFAS)-Registration and Tuition Problem

No resolution
Neo Dithomo Johannes Marema Moshidi
Neo Moshidi filed the complaint
26 January 2022
RE: 020817 5336 089 NDJM Moshidi Mamelodi TNC (NSFAS)-Registration and Tuition Problem
i am the above mentioneds mother

Good day,

My Son Neo Dithomo Johannes Marema Moshidi enrolled at Mamelodi TNC year 2020 funded by NSFAS which paid fees in full
2021 NSFAS Highlighted that they didn’t get the results for 2020 hence they cant fund the year. I asked if we cant forward them the results coz we have them, they said no protocol is that they have to get direct from the institution.
I contacted the TVET was informed that it is not their responsibility but DHETs responsibility as they did their part which is submit the results to the department.

This narrative lasted the whole year and for the whole year my son reached out that he cant afford transport he needs advise as he registered NSFAS referred him to TVET who referred him to DHET

2022 we contact NSFAS to say NEO lost entire 2021 can someone take his issue serious this year they said they will escalate and referred back to the TVET that was last week Monday 17 January 2022
We contacted TVET spoke to the Deputy Head of Mamelodi TNC who said he will investigate only to come back yesterday to say Neo owes R4267 for PLP he can only be registered once its settled yet we have statement says paid in full so its confusing

We contact NSFAS 2 whole days they have been offline .

Most frustrating NEO hasn’t been to school since he completed his PLP to date. He is frustrated and hurt coz I cant give him the results he needs and his peers are waking up going
Fetching their futures as he sits back with no hope insight.

Please assist me save this young man

Eleanor Moshidi
061 586 3986

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Incident date: 26 January 2022
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