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Netstar tracking - Service request not completed

Awaiting reply
Natasha filed the complaint

i am with first for women car insurance and have recently relooked my package in Feb 2021. First for women has decided to add on tracker from Netstar in my insurance package to retain me as a client. I have contacted Netstar and there was an agent Faizel Khan that was assisting me, he is however unprofessional and provides no customer service at all. There were numerous emails sent to him which i have a record of stating that he needs to contact me to fit in the tracker as i am paying for something that i don't have installed which is ridiculous. He came back to me saying that he could not get a hold of my husband to make an appointment which i even said can i just give him a date and time and he ensured that he will get his agents to get back to me which up till now they have not. By not providing service you guys are giving first for women a bad reputation as you are affiliated with them. i have paid from feb for a tracker that i did not have. i would like someone to contact me at 5 in the evening and have this rectified and i want a refund for the months that i have paid for something that i did not have access to. i am extremely disgusted with the service i received so far.
Natasha is awaiting for brand response

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