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Netstar tracking - Netstar pathetic again

No resolution
Moira Samouilhan
Moira Samouilhan filed the complaint
21 May 2021
First..... Waiting for 3 weeks as Netstar has no unit in stock,
Second...... Fitment booking guy could suddenly not fit in space provided, (I have 6 other cars that had unit fitted same place)
Third...... wrong unit fitted
Fourth..... Unit fitted on Tuesday, now Friday not even linked yet
Fifth....... Staff under trained, management promise to never have problem again, yes I have proof of "promise"
Sixth..... been holding for assistance now for more then 30 minutes
Seventh..... was promised IT had to synchronize and can log in few minutes it will be sorted, to my surprise, still nothing: Call log REF: 4552135 - Juilian Kothlame - Time of call finished: 16:03 - Date 21-05-2021

Really, I need a tracking company that i can rely on when they tell you this is the 'best"
I pay the fee every month like a good client but what am I getting in return.
Why is it compulsory for Insurances that tracker devise must be fitted if they cant give client the service paid for??
Pretty tired of this conspiracy as well!!
Incident date: 21 May 2021
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