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Nedbank - Pathetic banking provider

No resolution
Candice filed the complaint
5 January 2024
I am genuinely frustrated with this bank which I have been banking with since 2011. From RA issues, agents requesting way too many details for verification, I am surprised they have not asked for my blood type as yet. (ID number, address, telephone number, account number, company I work for) I attempted to open a bank account for my 9year old via the money app, for the sake of convenience. The card gets delivered, no account information available, just the card number. The status on the money app is pending activation. I then called in and was told to go to an atm and insert the pin 3 times. Which I did, nothing happened. Called in from 3 different numbers, and there seems to be an issue with the phone lines as no one can hear me. I was then told the account is restricted and I need to go into the bank. What a waste of my time. Sure Nedbank, I will definitely come in to see you after I open an account with another bank, and move everything over. Your banking service has gone down the drain!
Incident date: 5 January 2024
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