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Nedbank - Amex credit card

No resolution
Susan Wessels
Susan Wessels filed the complaint
10 October 2023
Applied for American Express credit card on 18/09/23. Spent 37 minutes on phone with your call centre doing so. Discovered in the branch on 21/09/23 that he had not actually processed my request for the amex credit card despite assuring me that he had done so.
( in the branch they assisted as much as they could however application and approval had to go through your credit call centre)logged email complaint, had 2 calls from your agent. Three weeks later and no progress on my application for the amex card. I meet all criteria , have excellent credit score. Should be very simple process. Nedbank customer service is disgusting and I still have not been advised why they do not want to give me amex credit card. I have only ever banked with Nedbank. Discovery bank will process my online application and deliver credit card to me within 3 days and I have never been a client. If no response received to this from Nedbank advising me what the problem is by tomorrow I will then detail names of all the emoyees I have dealt with . Nedbank clearly does not care about their customers. Over 3 weeks and still waiting. Appalling lack of service. Zero sense of urgency
Incident date: 18 September 2023
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