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MVIA Insure - Pathetic customer service and false information being provided during sale

No resolution
Ebrahim Cozym
Ebrahim Cozym filed the complaint
29 September 2023
In August I spoke to one of the salesman querying their service plans for my Kia Sportage. I clearly stated to the salesman I wanted a service plan which covered me for brakes and wiper blades as an extra. At the end of August I than called in advising the customer care agent that I might be selling my car and would need advice on how I would go about canceling the service plan. The lady advised i just needed to fill out the cancellation form and that email back to their cancellation department. I didn't fill out the form nor was my car sold yet after taking my money I get and sms stating in the first week of September that my policy was cancelled. It took me 4 hours to get through after numerous calls (please change your inbound setup as it's pathetic and add a feature where you call the client back). I spoke with a lady that advised she would reinstate my package after getting feedback from one of her departments and would call me back. 2 weeka passed and no one Called me so I called in this week and spoke firstly to a gent that advised me my plan was active but after querying my policy he advised me my policy was a basic service plan and I wasn't covered for brakes or wiper blades afyer I clearly requested that if they pull the calls they would hear me saying to the agent I wanted to be covered for breaks etc which he confirmed I would be. I asked the customer agent yesterday to send me via sms the complaints departments email which he said he would yet I didn't get it. Today I called in again I waisted over a R100 airtime as the first lady cut my call after requesting to speak to manager and the second lady and African woman sounded like I was a bother to her and kept me on hold for over 7mins after I called back requesting yet again to speak to manager the teamleader only told the manager was busy in a meetin and she would call me back. I asked the lady could you not have come back sooner and told me this instead of keepin me on hold for close to 7mins and she didn't even sound apologetic. When I did I wanted to speak to a teamleader again I didn't want to be put on hold she placed me on hold again for over 4mins whereby she cut the call. Till now the team leader hasn't called me back and after mailing their customer care email adress no one has come forward to assist me. I want to know when this will be resolved as I was lied to by the saleman
Incident date: 29 September 2023
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