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MTN - Unfair service delivery

No resolution
Coven filed the complaint
8 October 2023
on the 27 September 2023 I was called from freezone on behalf of MTN for a cell phone contract we concluded a deal for a phone with sim card on contract. My current number got swapped to the contract sim because I need to keep my current number for business. I was not informed that the sim card will be a data only sim. now all the benefit's I had on prepaid has fallen away I cannot by voice minutes or any other bundles I used to I tried calling MTN numerous times regarding the sim but didn't get assistance my call get cut off or I hold on for 30min and the call just goes silent after being transferred from one depart to another.

On the 03 October 2023 the device was being delivered by DSV courier.
Apon arrival I DSV had to verify my fingerprint with a device linked to home affairs.
My fingerprint did not register and could not get the device.
I was advised by DSV courier to call MTN for another Delivery method.
Again, I'm getting transferred from department to department calls either gets cut off or goes silent hanging for as long as 30 minutes MTN customer service does not call back when phone cut off. when speak to fraud department. I was advised that I should call the MTN direct and not on the customer service number. which is now going to charge me normal call rates. bear in mind that I now have a data sim.

This is poor service and a inconvenience of note.

Please help I am I need of assistance regarding this matter?
Incident date: 8 October 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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