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MTN - Undelivered device

No resolution
Phakiso Hilton Moremoholo
Phakiso Moremoholo filed the complaint
27 September 2023
I happen to get one of those random call from Mondo offering me a phone contract. So I decided okay I need a phone anyway so I gave all my details and the particulars required from me. Finally my application is successful, wow I am excited I am gonna have a new phone. One two weeks passes, no phone I get paid on the 25th and then I have a debit order from MTN. Furious I call mondo asking them why they are making a debit order without delivering the phone. They seem surprised but I confirm that I never receive the device. Then I went to the bank and reverse the debit order. Then wait again thinking maybe they will deliver but still nothing. Second month I get billed for 2 months. I call again and still nothing as according to them the phone was delivered. Then I went back to the bank to reverse the debit order. Now someone at mondo tell me I must go to any branch of Mtn to deliver an affidavit explaining my story. I do that even today the issue is still not resolved. Instead I think they have put my name at it blackmailing me.
Incident date: 27 September 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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