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MTN - My contract number 0784484706 not receiving smss to date

No resolution
Thabo filed the complaint
26 September 2023
I first realized that I am not receiving SMSs on my MTN number on the 10th December 2022 and when I traced back the time I then realized that the last SMS I had received on my number was on the 16th November 2022. On the10th December 2022 I sent my first email to client services at mtn, I received an automated response that promised they will get back to me which they never did and I had to call them over and over again to ask for their assistance on the matter. The client services has been giving me a runaround about fixing my problem of not receiving SMSs since November 2022 todatee. I am still paying the contract for the number that I do not receive SMSs on.
Incident date: 16 November 2022
10 October 2023
I am still awaiting response in regard to my complaint about my number that is not receiving SMSs. This is the arrogance I get whenever I make contact with you to let you know that I have still not been assisted with my problem, I always get ignored. Are you guys ever gonna be able to help me or not?
Thabo rated the brand
21 November 2023

I think MTN is very rude, selfish and taking advantage of their customers. I have paid for services I did not receive for close to a year since 16 November 2022 and they only managed to solve my problem in October 2023. Where did all my SMSs money go all along?

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