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MTN - Migration of contract

No resolution
Tina Kilian
Tina Kilian filed the complaint
3 October 2023
On the 16/08/2023 Khethiwe Katie Cele phone me and wanted to speak to me regarding data, first I said I am not interested and due to load shedding MTN's signal is always bad and you can't here well. Khethiwe wanted to migrate my account and I said I am not interested and then the phone line went dead. After a few moments I received a sms to say my account has been successfully migrated. I also asked what is the cost implication of the migration and they said nothing. Although I was not interested in the extra data Khethiwe took the liberty as to upgrade me. Now I have like 400gb of data that I don't use. And a account that is +/- R250 more a month. We don't have that extra money but thank you to Khethiwe I need to pay the money.

I have phoned the customer care line numerous times to sort out and want MTN to cancel the extra data but with no avail. It looks like the call center people don't know how a phone work. The direct your call each and every time to someone ells and then you get cut off just to phone again stay on the line and get cut off again. I send an e-mail and this is also going on for a week and no one is sorting this out. Got another mail to say "Kindly assist client with regard to the migration done by Khethiwe Katie Cele on the 16 August please listen to the call recordings as client was not interested in completing the migration".

So this mean that no on have had a look at my concern.
Incident date: 3 October 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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