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MTN - Extremely bad service

No resolution
Lindy filed the complaint
18 December 2023
On the 27 Nov 2023 I telephonically took out a month to month deal on Home Internet. The sales lady informed me about the once off payment that needs to be done in order to send me the router. I paid R478.80. I asked the sales lady Thabiso Komane how do i activate the router when received, she replied it's plug and play which it was not, so I had to go to a MTN Store for RICA.

On the 7th of December they suspended the services, I phoned Customer Care Spoke to Ndivuyile Alvern and forwarded the proof of payment to her on email, our services was restored.

On the 14th of December they suspended the services again, I phoned Customer Care only to be informed that the debit order for the 4th of December was returned therefore the services was suspended. So what did i pay for on the 27th of Nov then? Back and forth and calls every day I instructed them to debit my account again on the 15th of December with R437.10 so that the services can be restored, needless to say it's the 18th already, they still did not debit that amount I phoned again on the 17th and asked the lady can I make a direct payment which se advised to not do cause then the account will be in credit and she doesn't now how long it will take for the credit to be refunded. And my services is still not restored?

As a first time MTN Customer I have received nothing but bad service and will not recommend MTN to anyone.
Incident date: 18 December 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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