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Mr Price - Unable to cancel contract

No resolution
Iona Weyers
Iona Weyers filed the complaint
2 March 2021
as i am writing this i am currently on hold with mr price head office since 09 am. i have tried to cancel my contract since october 2020 making sure to give you ample notice in advance, as my mobile contract end end january.2020/07/13: called in got my date which my contract is paid in full. (1jan 2021) i got notified to go in to the store and cancel my contract a month in advance.2020/12/15; went in to the store. stood an hour in the cue only to be told the phone is off line they cant contact the celular help line i must go back.2020/ 12/ 19; took off work again to go in to the store, stood in the cue for 48 min , spoke to someone on the phone they gave me an address to mail my request too. the mail bounced back as the address was wrong..... see my attempts on multiple occasions...... below.
( by the way its now 09;30 and i am still on hold)2020/ 01 i have complained on the website asking response, nothing happened, i have called mobicel them selves. i have contacted the help line.i have sent messages on the whats app group.2021/02/18. called mr price head office and spoke to a woman that said i must mail a different email address as the ones i have been given are wrong. which you can see below what i i see the debit order went off.... this amount has already been alocated towards my sons swimming classes, which i had to cancel as i do not have enough funds in my account for the swimming class to go off..... i am furious, by the way,,,,, IM STILL ON HOLD...... MY PHONES AIRTIME JUST RAN OUT!!!!!!! now at 09:32 I WAS ON HOLD FOR 32 MIN TILL MY AIRTIME RAN OUT AND STILL NO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!.i have treid whats app again.. just an automated message!!!!.
so here is what is going to happen.
. I am going to stop the debit order and try reverse the one that went have till wednesday 3,march 2021, 12;00 mid day to rectify or respond to me.. if i do not get a call i will take the following steps1. I am going to my attorneys and ask what legal action i can take against mr price celular2. I am going to put a bad review on hello peter.3. I am going to put bad review on the webpage, facebook page, 4. I am going to put bad remark on instegram, twitter. tik tok, all social media platforms.
I am expecting a response.............
Iona weyers074 072 3333
Incident date: 2 March 2021
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