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Mr Price - This is unexceptable

James Kiezer
James Kiezer filed the complaint
21 September 2021
I really dont think that what has happened to me is right,I have always being a good payer
My problem is that in June 2021 i had 2 contract with your company and i cancelled the one account as i was offered a new contract as they said i was getting a upgrade my one account was then cancelled and the account no is MRP0200539 and the one that i now am having a problem with is MRP0200538 anyway i the contract that the contracted in june would be closed as i did send a email saying that it must be cancelled then there was a mix up on my accounts as the payment was doubled and was offered a refund which according to MRP Moble i had over paid
then about a month later in August i checked on my credit record as i needed some assistance in financial dept and was turned down , When i required it,showed on my account that there was a missed payment after battling to get it sorted i then had to get a letter from your department stating that my account was indeed correct and then i had to send a dispute to all the creditors that deal with the credit report stating that my accound was indeed up to date !!!!!!!
TODAY i looked again as I get a report if any info on my credit report changes and whaaala
There is a yellow tag showing i missed a payment again after i had paid my account R269.00 as i am the one that had to phone every month to MRP Mbile requesting my account amount

Then i got a message starting that my account was not paid 15th Sept 2021. I then phoned MRP asking what was going on, as i paid my account on the 6th September 2021 i was told not to worry as i told them too i do not get a statment or call from anybody just this message i was then informed that They wil send me a statment So i said Thank you
Then today i saw the yellow tag on my credit check and phoned them wa swas told OH u owe R10.00 and thats why it shows i missed a payment: NO MESSAGE NO EMAIL NO PHONE CALL JUST blacklisted me so i am really ticked off as it took me a month just to get my name clean and also my account that was cancelled still shows that it is still active not that its paid up or closed just active now it get told to me to pay the R10.00 before they will give me a letter saying my account is up to date again BUT NOTHING ON HOW ITS EFFECTS MY CREDIT RATE others others will see it as a bad payer as i seem to skip payments evertime

I feel its not fair that i have to go through this and i have to be the one to do the dispute everyting they mess up Now i have to do all this all over again
Incident date: 21 September 2021
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