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Mr Price - Terrible customer service

No resolution
Jacques Bierbaum
Jacques Bierbaum filed the complaint
27 September 2021
The Level of unprofessional customer service is unbelievable at the Mr Price Sport located at Moffit Retail Park, Gqeberha. Yesterday we stood in a queue to pay. Only 1 teller was at the till points. We were about 5 people in the queue. The Teller called for help from her co-workers 3 times before 1 reluctantly reported to the till points with soooooo much attitude. She did not even acknowledge the fact that we were there. She was rude with this attitude of doing us a favor. Did not greet or say thank you or good bye once we finished paying. And all of this whilst the Manager stood behind the counter, talking on the phone. Do they not realize that we choose to support their shop. That we have the choice to shop anywhere else but yet we choose their store? A simple 'good morning' and 'thank you' will make a huge difference. The attitude we receive time and time again at this store is one of them doing us a favor by helping us.
Incident date: 26 September 2021
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