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Mr Price - Stole handbag within the strore

No resolution
Mamasike filed the complaint
4 April 2021
I’m Rebecca Mamasike Mokhachane , today at roundabout 12h35 I was in Mr Price at Centurion Mall and I was robbed inside the store. I immediately reported the matter to the manager. What worries me is that I was assisted by one of your employees with name tag. The name on tag was Gugu . She (Gugu) took my handbag within a blink of an eye. I rushed to security personnel and immediately inform the manager who was rellactant to assist. I even request them to check CCTV footage. What amazes me is that YOUR Manager vehemently denied to assist. The only reason she gave was that there is no CCTV installed in such a big store. May you please follow up this matter urgently as I’m now pressuring legal steps against your store. I asked the manager whether is it the first time such incident happen in her store? She proudly mention that it occasionally happens. Failing to address this matter urgently as I’ve already reported this matter to OMBUDSMAN and also advise my legal team to take this matter further against your store, including that irresponsible Manager.
Incident date: 4 April 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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