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Mr Price - Staff at gateway

No resolution
Zaands filed the complaint

Was buying a pair of pants, stood about 5 minutes in a self service line and two people were making a payment at the kiosk. Two gentlemen were in front of me. When the couple at the kiosk finished I asked the two gentlemen if they were going to go pay. They said no I can go on ahead of them. When I got to the kiosk a lady at the tills stopped me and told me the machine is not working. I asked if I can use the one next to it, she said no m, with an irritated face. I then went back to the line.
2 minutes later she’s helping two Indian gentlemen at the same machine that wasn’t ‘working’ when I had Deb wanted to pay.

So I left the items I had gone in to buy, and went home. It felt as though she didn’t want me to get the help I needed, and I felt discriminated.

It’s crazy that we have such poor service at such a large and popular shop. I buy all my kids clothes there.
Now all I want to do is pay off what’s owing on my account and close it. And never see MRP stores again.
28 Feb 2022
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