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Mr Price - Rude staff member

No resolution
Dimakatso filed the complaint
25 September 2021
Mr Price cradlestone has the rudest, unprofessional, arrogant and disrespectful staff member Neo, don't know if that's her real name as she refused to disclose her surname.
My sisters and I went to buy ear pods, upon enquiring they were told the price, and told that they could check, test to see if the pods work and are compatible with the cellphone.
The girls called me from the shoe section to tell me the above, I proceeded to the tills in order to pay however the queue was a bit long and I left the girls to pay.
They came back looking sad, narrating that Neo refused to let them check the pods as advised by her colleague, addressed them with a distasteful attitude. I made my way to understand what transpired, asked to speak to Neo, she vehemently
Said we can't check or test these pods, we can do so at home, if they don't work we can come back to the store, that's the reason for the receipt.

The level of disrespect, unprofessionalism and rudeness was just beyond me.
I immediately told her I want to return the pods, she told me to stand in the queue. Continued to talk about me with her colleagues. When I reached the till the cashiers couldn't understand why she refused to let the girls test the pods, assured me that they didn't know what the reason for refusing this was.
Neo continued with a rude temperament.

We were refunded our money and left the shop.

What an unpleasant experience.
Incident date: 25 September 2021
12 October 2021
To date no response, feedback received from Mr Price.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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