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Mr Price - Refund my moneycrs13b6fd5

No resolution
nicky filed the complaint
11 August 2021
i bought online order number 107011677804 and requested a refund as I already re-ordered. This happened on the 13th July 2021 as I phoned every day and was requested to send my bank details through for a refund. this was confirmed and received on the 30th July 2021.

On the 2nd of august 2021 i received a voucher on which i phoned again and was confirmed that the voucher was send prior to the refund and that the refund would take place within 24hours. up until today no refund and your phone keep saying the network is congested. Please advise on when the refund will take place as i do not want a voucher I don't want to buy at Mr Price again. This is such unprofessional manner in which my request has been handled. Basically,, a whole month!!!!!!!!!!!
Incident date: 13 July 2021
18 August 2021
Still no response from tgem
2 September 2021
Till today nothing is happening and still no one answers me on the refund. I've received two mails to confirm that the money was paid and wait 3-5 working days to reflect its been another month and nothing was received from them. Just that no one is even phoning or emailing me to say what's going on. This is the worst service ever.
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