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Mr Price - Racial discrimination and assault at randburg square mr price

No resolution
Nonkululeko Mabaso
Nonkululeko Mabaso filed the complaint
6 August 2022
I would not recommend shopping in this store. One of the floor workers called the security team on my friend and accessed him of theft. My friend showed them his receipt to prove that all the items he was leaving with were paid for. Instead of letting him go, they demanded to search his person and to scan the items again one by one to check if they were not stolen. This was done despite a confirmation from the tellers that all the items were paid for. My friend was a victim of racial discrimination and he was was told that the reason for the ill- treatment was because he looked 'suspicious'. The security personnel (two white men) refused to apologise after publicly humiliating my friend and physically assaulting him. I will never shop at a Mr Price until a formal apology is issued and the employee responsible for this terrible treatment of a innocent man is fired. In a country like South Africa, with the history of apartheid, Black people cannot continue to be subjected to racist treatment. Especially not from institutions that proclaim inclusivity like Mr Price.
Incident date: 6 August 2022
Nonkululeko Mabaso
Nonkululeko Mabaso rated the brand
19 September 2022

Awful regard for customer service

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